Obtaining Water Services

Below you will find links on how to obtain water service with Grand Prairie Bayou Two Water.  First, determine if a meter box already exists on the property.  If a box exists there will be a $90.00 deposit and a $10.00 service charge totaling $100.00.  If you need a new connection see “connection fees for new service.”  This link shows our prices and requirements to connect.  For a new connection you will need to bring a perc test dated within one year.  Everyone needs to bring a driver’s license or a photo I.D and social security card.  A lease agreement is required if you are renting.  This first link is a “water user agreement” that will be completed when you come into our office.  The “policy and procedures” link has a form stating important information.  Please review this information and we will have you sign and date it in our office.  The “water rates” link explains the rates per gallon. 

Water User Agreement

Water Policies & Procedures

Wastewater User Agreement

Wastewater Policies/Procedures

Connection Fees for New Service

Water Rates

Developer Policies/Procedures

New Service Line Installation